Savoy Cafe & GrillServing Breakfast and Mexican food in Brooklyn

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5 reviews | 379 orders

Fast delivery. Packaged well. Sturdy containers. The food is fresh and tasty. Will order from again and again.


3 reviews | 161 orders

hands down best grub hub experience so far.. they pay attention to your order and the food is tasty! its packaged well i did notice that.


2 reviews | 517 orders

The food I had was totally unexpected. I ordered a Burrito with Chicken, Black Beans and Avocado. Now as any Burrito eater knows, the rice in a Burrito is the filler. But seeing as to how I did not order rice I was expecting the Burrito to be skimpy. I was happily surprised when I seen that it was jaaammmmmmmm PACKED with chicken. I really couldnt not believe how packed it was and how tasty it was. I also ordered a chicken salad and a Lemonade. The Lemonade was AMAZING. I would just suggest you ask for no ice because it filled more than half of the cup. It took a long time to get to me but it was totally worth it.

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591 Knickerbocker Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11221
(347) 295-3710